In any home the roof is integral and important component to a building. Yet it’s often one of the most neglected areas of a property. Many will only notice a problem with their roof after the damage has already been done. Small problems can escalate into serious structural damage when left untreated, potentially resulting in a larger job than required.

A damaged roof can be the cause of leaks, mould penetration and heat loss, particularly during the winter months. Most of roof damage is caused by poor weather conditions and water penetration. 
It’s no secret that Warwickshire has its fair share of poor weather, particularly in those rainy months, so it’s very important that your roof is in great condition all year round and that any maintenance problems are addressed before they get worse.

Here are just a few examples of roof problems that need professional attention:


•    Loose tiles can let in moisture and damp. If left, they can cause the decay of underlining roof            timbers. They can also be the sign of a more serious roof sagging problem. Strong winds, rain and      snow can dislodge roof tiles, not only damaging your roof but also risking injury.

•    Blocked gutters can also damage your roof. The build-up of debris can cause the gutters and               downpipes to loosen, resulting in leaks and damage to the sidings.

•    Soffit overhangs can be damaged by birds and small animals, causing holes, cracks and water            penetration.

•    The fascia along the roof is easily damaged by moisture.

•    The flashing where the slope of the roof meets the flat wall is where rainwater is most likely to           pool. Even the tiniest crack can let water in.


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